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#ChronicallyIllAndThankful, Day 1

November is the  #ChronicallyIllAndThankful month challenge.  Meaning we are challenged to post something  daily that our disease has made us thankful for.  It is similar to the posting some people do on their FB page stating something they are thankful for until Thanksgiving day.  Normally, I would not participate in happenings like this but for some reason, this year, I felt the need to do it.   We might ask why we are thankful for our illness or disease.   You might ask, “how could a sane person think there is anything to be thankful for?

So, how can someone say they are grateful for their illness?  Because we grow!  Another question might be what exactly is the purpose of these posts.  For me it is to share that an illness, that has chronic pain tagging along with it, is not the end of the world.  Close but not totally.

Here is my Day 1 Thankful.  I am thankful for all the things, in abundance, that this disease has given me.  Yes, thankful for all the things I have learned, trials I have gone through, kindness that has been shown to me, and new friends that I have gained from support groups.

Each day I will post something different and will link one or two former posts so you can read more.

Today’s link is a post I did recently that shares another blogger’s post.  Such a good read and I hope everyone catches the “given” part of their message.  10/26/2018 Update – shared post




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