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A Shout, Bellow, Murmur for Suicide

In the post,  Chronic Pain SuicideChronic Pain and Suicide ], I promised to explain the words I used in the first sentence.

 “a shout, bellow, murmur”

Yes, I chose those words purposely.   It saddens me that you never hear an outcry for the simple person, much less for the chronic pain individual.  Just because they had their face plastered in front of us, were we supposed to care more?  Their death does not make the loss more important than an average person’s.  I will put some honesty here.  Those individuals never did anything for my life, they never gave of themselves to me.  Yes, I used a recipe and yes, I buy the purses; but they only affected me in a commerce format.  They never affected my soul, my comfort, my wellbeing.  Yes, it is sad, but there is a more startling wretchedness to be conferring about.  One heartbreak is that this is a topic that we only orate about after the  ‘famous’ take the action.  And a sadness on how the shout, bellow, murmur comes and goes.  How short our murmurs become!

The ‘suicide’, of pain patients, is the more damning issue.  You never hear an outcry for them.  They are considered just lowly, overly dramatic, individuals that will never contribute to society.  If you don’t believe me listen to the tone of Congress, listen to the tone of the ‘great news channels’.  When does one person mean more to our world?  What does it say about ‘us’ as a society when we can have a concern for a ‘famous’ person and not just a Plain Jane’ or Joe’?  To their families, I mean no disrespect, truly I do not.  But I personally was turned off by all the ‘concern’ that lasted for a whole week.  We were bombarded about how special these rich and famous were, but it all boils down to them putting their clothes on just like I do.  Did their suicide do anything other than bringing the word out in public?  Did we as a society garner any more concern for others?  Absolutely not! 

You might say that I am reacting to the deaths, but no.  I am reacting to the selective outcry that their deaths reiterate!  I had been working on a similar post about the choice of suicide when faced with a reality of constant, unrelenting, pain filling someone’s life.  [ Chronic Pain and Suicide ]  I hate to use the word “coincidence” here, but that is all it would have been.  As a blogger dealing with chronic pain, I have a duty to share issues with my readers that their loved ones, or even themselves, might encounter.  Suicide due to pain is real!  Suicide for other reasons is real!  It is the way it is presented in our society and by our news persons that pisses me off.

There is a reality that we need to face.  Taking one’s life is just between that  individual and their God.  I would think that the reasons are and should be very private.  When I hear reporters and commentators say that they had “everything to live for,”  that makes me cringe.   In one breath they are saying, ‘woe is the victims’; ‘woe, because no one knew’; but the next breath, ‘shame on the one who made the choice’.  Why ‘shame on them’?  Because they did not ask for permission?  They didn’t give you a ‘heads-up’?   Then the gossip mongers start.  “Was it this secret – was it that secret?”  Then for the public service they will air the telephone numbers to this hot-line or that hot-line; yep, they did their duty.  They did their job: they brought you the news, they gossiped, they end it with the public service announcement. 

Has anything changed?  Does anything change?

What about the ‘chronic pain’ patient?  With all the talk we never heard that this might have been a reason one might contemplate taking the step.  We heard no concern!   I see medical reporting all the time on depression, but never hear reporting on the injustice that the pain patient has to deal with.  Nor reporting on Chronic Pain Suicide.  This may be due to the paying advertisers.  I mean, who wants to hear about the injustice of the patient when the next commercial will be a new drug that is being pushed by the news and pharmaceutical companies?

So again.  Has anything changed?  Does anything change?

If you are a Chronic Pain patient and wish to share your story or your thoughts on this topic, please do so.  There might be another person’s loved one out there, that will read this and be made aware, or even helped.  Yes, your story is important and yes, Chronic Pain Suicide is real.  It is time to shout, even bellow, about the subject.  Please do not allow the subject to become a murmur that fades within a week.


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