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09/11/2018 Update


I have had a  relatively good week.  Now I’m not saying that I have been discomfort (pain) free.  I’m saying that I have been mobile!  Gosh, to think that being able to drive once and awhile, go up and down stairs once or twice a day is a good day.  Having 4 hours of sleep, undisturbed mind you, is a good night.  Not falling down a few stairs is exceptional.  Heck even not wetting myself is good.  Who would have even thunk that those things constitutes a “good” day?!

What surprised me is how I spent my Labor Day (USA holiday).  I went to a gun range with my kids.  Yep, went and pulled a trigger a few times.  I know how a gun works, but my problem is I do not have the strength to pull the slide back to engage.  Each time the shells were loaded my son did that too.  I do not get to see him much so when he said he wanted to hit a gun range I thought “quality time”!  Call me crazy.  Quality time with the son whom pretended to run over Momma with his three-wheel bike; quality time with the one who baby-powdered a room.  He had me trying several of his pistols and would you not know it, the one I could pull the slide back was the one that returned the shell right back at you.  The next time I go I will know to wear a blouse or tee shirt that has no gaps.  Easiest way to get your ‘sister’s’ tattooed for free. 

Heck, my mood was getting down and those days just having that brat in the house gave me the substance to smile and it refreshed my energy to tackle problems.  I called the internet company!  I bought some more plants and even tackled laundry.


Would you not know it?  The good days ended yesterday, ie last night.  We had one of the grand pups for the day and night and I went up and down the stairs more times than usual.  I held on to the handrails and did the one step dance.  By the time the husband came home I was unable to attempt them anymore.  I could feel the warning that my legs get before ‘foot drop’ starts. 

I was not in any more discomfort, just a “I know it is going to happen” feeling came over me.  I am learning my warning signs!  Which means I am becoming smarter at listening.  

Then for some unknown reason I got an “ice pick” headache.  That is one of those lovely headaches that feels like someone is stabbing your brain with a frozen metal object.  It makes you cringe, hold your breath, and grab your head.  Of course that causes tension, because you never know where or when it will stab you again.  It got to that point of  ‘if you move your head, I will stab you again.”  So I had to find a place to not move my body, meaning bed.  The pup was ok with that; she had her pa-paw to keep her company. 

Now this morning was exhausting.  I had barely any sleep.  And I kept her awake all night.  I tried taking something for that headache but the only thing that puts a dent in them is Morphine.  I took an n-said and a brand name-PM to try to relax but neither of them helped.  Then I went to the e-oils, with some tension help but not pain relief.  What did help with the ice pick was three drops of hemp oil.  That quieted the sharpness of the picks and helped ease the tension of wondering when the next one would stab me. 

Well, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, so I spotted a little raisin cookie/cake and knowing it had gluten in it I munched on it anyway.  That started the throat swelling and feeling like I was coming down with strep.  Then came the feeling that if I shut my eyes I would not breathe.  Someone needed to slap me!  I thought I was getting smarter, now I wonder if that is a dream.   So you could imagine how my night went.  Add on that at 3 am I woke with full body aches and feeling like every joint was swollen.  I got up and yep the toes were twice the size, my hands looked like they had gained 15 pounds.  And Lordy it hurt to just touch my skin.  I took another med and tried to rest.  By 6 I was up and just staring.  I ate, and the pup knew Ma-maw couldn’t go down the stairs, so she went after Pa-paw to let her out.  I ate and tried to rest more.  Finally gave that thought up.  I let the dog have free range over the back yard and sat in the swing.  We probably have a few more ‘pets,’ like lizards, since the door was left open for her to come and go as she wished. 

It has been a while [meaning weeks]  since I have experienced these discomforts.  They apparently decided they did not want me to forget about them.  When I got up the first time I felt like if I lifted my feet to walk properly then I would either end up on the floor or froze in place and would need help.  So I just slid my feet along the floor.  Then the second time I got up it was worse.  My muscles and joints were screaming at me and swollen still.   It felt like I had never walked before in my life.  my legs were not listening to commands.  Hey, I’m the boss!  Nope, that wasn’t happening today. 

So by 11 am, I took something that would knock me out.  It is safer on the bed and not wanting to do anything than chancing being on the floor.  After the pup went home I just pulled the covers up and zombied out.  Warning to all is that when you spend a day in bed you will ache from not moving your muscles.  Really you can’t win for losing.  Cliché, I know.  But it is true. 

Conclusion?  Stay away from those gluten raisin cookies/cakes.  Don’t be snickering because you were awarded a few days that you could handle your discomforts.  Then expect the next few days to go poorly.  Try not to fuss at anyone who crosses your path, and get your soothing music going.  Be prepared to live in a fog. 


I woke to a little less discomfort.  Knowing my fridge was empty of the leafy greens I started the process to get to a grocery store.  That took a while.  But I managed to get the house restocked with only 2 hours out.  Then before we left the store I was sliding my feet and hanging on to the shopping cart like a drunk sailor.  Once we got the cold and frozen groceries in their proper place I went to get horizontal.  Just threw a sheet over me and pretended that life was great.

It was just a few minutes ago that I put all this discomfort together into a single thought.  This un-smart girl had used an old can of cream of – soup.  Loaded with all the goodies that I should not eat, add the cookie, and we have a recipe of disaster.  Maybe I will have my pantry empty of all those nasty foods.  So tomorrow I will be smiling while I munch my leafy greens and the leftover casserole will be frozen for the husband to enjoy. 


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