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Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness

Helpful Things to Combat Depression from Pain or Illness

Daily Personal /Physical Goals

1      Rise from bed by 8 am each day.  Eat a full breakfast including a protein.

2      Shower each morning to wake yourself up.  You do not need to soap your whole body.  The water will wake your senses up.

3      Get outside daily.  Just 15 minutes sitting on the porch works wonders for the breathing.

4      Stay active, even with exercises done on your bed or chair.  Walk daily.  Even if it is just around your yard.

5      Never do one thing for longer than an hour and a half.  That is unless you are enjoying nature.

6      Eat healthy and consume less junk food or foods that have artificial enhancers. 

7      Listen to soothing music or faith-based music.

8      Find a new hobby; reconnect with an old one.

9      Take time each day to go over a list of the things you are thankful for.  What made you happy today?  What was good about the day?

Empowering Actions

10     Talk honestly about your feelings and fears.  Do not expect that the people around you know what you are thinking.  If your family is not listening, then seek a counselor.

 ·   Remove any thoughts about ‘being strong is not sharing your fears’. 

11     Avoid negative mental activities.  i.e.

·   Talking with people about topics that anger you but have nothing to do with your well-being.

·   Listening to the daily news, if it causes you distress.

·   Being active on social media.

·   Blaming yourself.

12     Avoid judgmental people.  Seek people who are not consumed with anger or negativity.

·   Avoid those that try to ‘one up you’ on your illness.

·   Avoid those that hint you are lazy or exaggerating your illness.

·   Avoid those that blame you for their losses that your illness causes them.   

13     Mourn your loss but find the good in that loss.  Move on after you do your mental burial.

14     Learn to like your new normal.  It is what you have, no trade-ins.  You choose to make yourself miserable or happy.

15     List the things you can do, not those you can no longer do.

16     Remember others have been down your path.

·   Remember each person has trials or things they need to cope with, this is yours.  Do not get stuck on the “why me”.

17     Focus on someone else.  See to their needs and be grateful they are in your life.

Medical Actions

18     Educate yourself about the illness.  Education can empower you.

19     Do a check up on your medicines.  Some can cause depression, some can cause gut issues or other side effects.  Also, you may be duplicating your medicine.  There are drug DNA tests that can check for those that do not benefit you.

20     Seek out doctors that specialize in your illness.  Do not be afraid to leave those behind if they are not the right fit for your illness and personality.


These twenty things seems simple enough,  but we all forget them.  Copy them down and post them somewhere to help you have a  ‘go-to’  reminder.





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