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Waiting, Pondering a Trip for Groceries.


I am contemplating going to the grocery store, when and if my skin recovers from my shower, since I sat outside in the humidity with my cup of coffee.  [Aquagenic Pruritus]

Here is what makes me dread or ponder the simple idea.  My husband will drive and park in the handicapped spot.  Not because I can get out of the SUV easily enough, but ….  because of the what if’s. 

I see little old ladies, frail men strutting their stuff in and no handicapped spots needed.  They fly through the aisles, push that cart to their car and put their own bags in it. 

Daang!  Here I am, if I even leave the house, — getting through the produce ok.  Next is the cheese, I hate decisions on which to try next.  Then comes an aisle I can skip.  Next aisle takes a bit longer and I still can manage to not need that cart. Maybe two aisles later and it becomes my support.  Another aisle later I might be reviewing the stuff in the cart to see if I  can make it through the week.  Can I just skip the rest of the aisles? 

My mind and thought processes go downhill fast.  We won’t mention my anger.  I can’t even understand some of the things in my cart.  When I get to realizing that I am at that stage I want to bawl like a baby.  I just want to go hide in my car. 

But never say I am not a fighter.  No, this stubborn chick will hang in there.  I’ll even wait to check out.  Not because I love this part of the trip, but I need that cart to get me to my car.  That cart has become my walker.  You don’t want to know how many times I have looked at them and tried to see myself climbing into the center of it with grace. 

Yes, I have imagined myself just telling my husband hold the thing still while I step up on a shelf of food and hook my leg over the side and just drop into all those items in the cart.  I have even imagined what all the shmushed colors of the veggies and fruit would look like on my pants.  How is that for imagination? 

So, I am waiting for the itch to subside, sitting on the bed in almost my full birthday suit.



Trying really hard not to dig all over my skin.



Trying not to cry.



Trying to make this post a little funny; a little positive.  




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