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10/18/2016 Updated

I guess I will give a short update.  I went to see the family doctor on Monday and she seemed put-out over the ER’s handling of my visit.  They had taken my blood but did no blood work, they did not to a C-scan to check out the brain, nothing!  So she finally did get into one of her research screens and research my symptoms.  She came up with a form of headache that is triggered by one single nerve firing.  So she said to just take my naproxen sodium like prescribed for 3 days, not to miss a dose,  then skip it for a few days to see if the pain comes back. (Do you know she looked at me with raised eyebrows when she said “like prescribed and not to miss a dose”! Ummm, she knows I don’t usually do the “like prescribed” routine.)  Anyway, she said if the pains come back to call the office and they would get me an order for the C-scan immediately and to tell the nurses that she put it in there and to not waste time.  She needed to see what’s happening when it was happening.  Yep, that’s what I thought the ER would have done.

Now, I did take the meds religiously, my stomach will attest to that.  No more sharp stabbing pain in the brain! We have a winner!, unless they come back again.

I have this silver tea set with the tray, sugar, creamer, and coffee pot.  I really love this set, it represents an accomplishment, it represents life in general.  It looks pretty for a while, and then the elements get to it and tarnishes it.  Maybe I’ll write more on that later.  But in the past I would get the set out of the china hutch and polish it four times a year.  Polishing it can be a chore but it also can keep you grounded.  My favorite way to work with it would be to sit on my steps outside and rub away.  Since living with the Tarlov cysts, there is no sitting on steps.  Most of the polishing was done standing.  I have missed it’s last 2 polishes and that makes this one much harder.  I hate to admit this, but I gave up.  Back in the hutch it went, clean but not polished.  Maybe before Christmas I will tackle it again.

I did get four rooms vacuumed this week and several loads of laundry done.  My son is coming in to visit his Momma, so we will see if I over do things.  But I plan to enjoy his company.  Really he is coming to show his second car off, he bought a total electric tiny BMW.  His dad has been wanting a ride in it.  Hopefully the traffic won’t be too bad coming through Atlanta, he said he had all the charging stations plugged into his gps  so …..

While my favorite son was in he helped me buy my Christmas present from last year.  He just had to have us ride the electric car. While it was charging at the mall, he bought his mom lunch.  I was surprised, I thought the car would be hugging the pavement, but instead it was high enough to just turn the fanny to the seat and sit. I guess since the batteries are under the body it was raised.  The seat, up front, was even wider than my SUV driver’s seat.  That’s a win.  I was thinking to myself that the little BMW might make a good second car, that is, until we had to sit plugged in.  Boring!  Then he and his sister took me to get my birthday gift.  They love me.  The daughter has had a blast making fun of her mom trying to text.  You know the cheap phones have the keyboards the size of thumbs, so how the heck are you supposed to type on them?  Anyway they up graded my phone and now I have to learn how to turn everything off that I don’t want on my phone, like email, google this and that, maps, etc.  Hey people!, a phone is a phone, if you want TV or a computer get one.  All I want is a phone with a camera and phone, no game system, no email!  But thank you to my babies!  I even sync’d it to the car all by myself!  And I have successfully typed meaningful texted with it.




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