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10/08/2016 Update – ER

Warning, there are a lot of errors in the beginning of this post for a reason.

Thursday night:

In the er, went for sharp pains in my head. Every 3 secs. Doc thinks might be precurser to shingles. Told him to shut up didn’t want to hear that word. Then he said that the shooting pain was localized so just a nerve showing itself. He wanted to give me drugs that I can’t take then he leaves nurse comes in with 3 shiringes . One w toraldol, on w h morp, the other unknown. I nixed the toradal but when she starts the morp she only got about half before it started crushing my head. I had to make her stop and refused the rest. About 20 mins later can’t swallow. Panic time. Nurse got doc he looks in throat and no swelling. All I can say feels like panic attack and head spins. No way I can be druggie! I explained it took 2 yrs to use 60 tablets. He looked surprised. Said maybe too much too fast.

Friday, mid-day:

I remember that I started the post to try and keep my mind off the head spins and the throat feeling like it was not functioning properly while in my cubical in the ER.  I left the above exactly as I had it on my tablet to show that I really have problems being coherent when given any form of narcotics.  I don’t know when I quit typing, but I woke up in my bed at home.  I can remember telling my husband that maybe he wanted to let them use the wheelchair they kept pushing in admissions.  I think I talked on the ride home, but have no clue what I said.

Upon waking up in the middle of the night/morning, the tablet was on my belly.  So I may have tried updating this little adventure, or was playing a game.  Who knows?

I did power it off and put it away, ate some crackers and drank some pop.  Then back to sleep until the husband came to ask if I was OK and needed anything before he went to work, then back to sleep.  The daughter texted me to find out how I was doing, she woke me up and it was so complicated trying to text back.  So back to sleep. Around 2pm I finally pulled myself out of the bed, still wearing my clothes from yesterday.  To stay awake I hit the caffeine and turned on the hurricane news to watch.

The sharp twinges have only presented themselves every hour or so and not as bad.  Let’s hope they go away soon.

I don’t know if they are Tarlov related or if they are shingles.  I think the doctor said something like in a week I will know if shingles or viral.  But I do remember telling my husband that all the discomfort in my bum had disappeared.  With waking, its back, but not so bad.  If this is what shingles is like maybe I can talk them into putting me in a coma until it quits.  I have to be in extreme need to go to the ER, and this bout of unknown sent me there. Not fun!

Saturday morning:

I hope I can get to the outlets to start some shopping.  I woke several times in the middle of the night with those sharp pains drilling into my brain, but could just go back to sleep.  With prayers they just may disappear, but I don’t know how long the scalp will stay tender.  Now I have to make up my mind if I want to fill a prescription they gave me in the ER.  I had totally forgotten about it yesterday.  When looking for something in the purse, wa-la! I found it!  It is an anti-viral medication I am assuming for if I get the shingles.   Maybe I need to call the family doctor and see if they can tell me what to do.  I don’t care how many times you tell people to make sure everything is written down for you when they give you major drugs and you know you won’t remember a thing — they will not do it.  Thus the not knowing if I was supposed to start the meds immediately or if the script was given just in case!  Why can’t doctors dummy proof things?





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