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06/04/2016 Update

I have really pushed myself in the last few weeks.  I am trying to tolerate driving.  So I have been in my car every other day. Then I am worried that my spine is going to be out of alignment. Hip sitting can’t be good for my hips. Thus I have been sitting in an overstuffed chair.  Yep, I’m trying to say good-bye to the couch.  And it ain’t been fun!  I gave up on wearing any pants, because all this sitting makes the seams in the pants irritate the scar, or as I lovingly put it …. ‘my zipper’.  Then the seat in the car is a torture chamber.  Fifteen minutes driving starts the burn on the tailbone, and then I get a little stiff by the 30 minutes mark. Nothing is within 30 minutes of my home, lucky me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining or saying I am in pain, it is just uncomfortable and trying on the nerves.

Now, to my stupid move.  I woke up early and the house was quiet, even the neighborhood, but that was not what woke me. I needed some sugar.  I got up and drank some juice, ate a breakfast bar, took care of business, then was tempted by the quiet.  I crawled back in bed, yep, couldn’t pass up that temptation.  Big mistake!  I  woke up a few hours later!  I was scared!  My first thought was I can’t feel anything!  After I calmed down, I realized my spine was on fire – from my neck to my tailbone.  My face was planted in a pillow; there was no pillow under me to keep me from rolling on that belly.  I was frozen.  No, not cold, just couldn’t move.   That is one scary feeling.  Then to not hear a soul in the house, nor a phone on the mattress.  All I could think of was how long am I going to lie here with this burn up and down my back?  What time was it?  I couldn’t even move my head to peek at the clock.  And I really needed the bathroom!  If the husband had left the house to go volunteer, how long before he gets back?  Lordy, how fast these thoughts run through your mind.  My fear ran the whole course of every dooms day possibility.

Finally, I hear a door open, mind you not the garage door, thank God! The husband is home. So I lay there waiting for him to come in. Finally he gets back in and I start hollering. He rolls me on my side and gets the covers off me. I send him out of the room, I am already embarrassed enough. After slowly moving the body parts, I feel like getting up and hitting the bathroom.  Then I go get my coffee and a light snack.  Now, I am back in bed, on my side.  I’ll be up a little later.  Being in just one room is kinda boring.

My rant is this:  If they can make beds that you can barely move on, why can’t they make a pillow that won’t scoot out from under me?  Problem solved!  Maybe I should wear a buzzer that goes off when I roll on my belly.  Anyone seen one?  That ideal buzzer would have to be one that only goes off with the right amount of pressure, not just pressed, because that would go off each time I snuggled with my pillows.




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