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I Can See It! – Hope You Didn’t Hear It!

I am posting this one hoping each of you can get a good chuckle.

I have seen the looks I get for parking in the handicapped parking spots.  I have seen the looks when I give in and take my walker into a store.  I’ve been honked at when crossing the crosswalk into a store, just a little too slowly.  Sometimes those looks make me angry; I think to myself “who do you think you are?”  At those times you will get the ‘stink eye’.  Do I have the right to be angry?  If you have the right to stare at me and make your thoughts plain on your face, you betcha.  I can be as angry as you can.  That parking spot is there for a reason.  To park into one of those spots and to get my tag to hang in the window, a doctor has to deem it necessary.  Necessary in that the person issued it needs some form of help to get to a store.  That help might be needing a cart to lean on, a walker, or just walking one sure step at a time.  Yes, I’ve seen those people who park in them and hop out of those raised up vehicles; (really, they have to jump out just to hit the ground).  Then they run into the store.  Yes, even I get angry at them; those people have that tag for someone else and do abuse it.  They might even get the ‘stink eye’ from me, if I have any extra energy to give out.

Boy, just let me hear you say anything in the parking lot!  I won’t say anything about your rudeness, but you will be the one that I will say – “oh, excuse me, but can you get me a buggy so I won’t have to get my walker out of my car?”.  Just think of how you are going to feel.  Will you feel shame or will you feel silly?

Let’s talk about honking at someone in the parking lot.  If someone is using the proper crosswalk and putting one foot in front of the other, pay attention before you put your hand on that horn.  If you are attentive you will catch on to why they are walking in such a manner.  I am not talking about that person who is walking down the middle, and you can’t get by them because they think they are the center of everyone’s universe.  Go ahead and scare them, but don’t honk at me.  You just never know, you might scare me enough that I fall.  I just might drop my purse and have to pick it up, or even have to ask you to help me pick it up.

Can you tell that I have had some recent issues in a parking lot?  I just laugh and think to myself that karma is out there.  One never knows when it will bite, but bite it does.  I may have gray hair, and maybe I ought to use my walker when I am extra tired, but I don’t.  I do not want to become dependent on the tool and I am too stubborn to leave the gray in.  It is all about those choices we make daily.  It is a choice for me to smile, laugh, feel sorry for myself, or drop my purse.  It is a choice for each individual how they choose to respond to everyday instances.  So, it is their choice to be rude or helpful.

Now it is time to turn the tables.  One thing that bothers me is grunting.  We all do it, if we are straining or just getting out of a chair.  Where does this urge to grunt come from?  I blame parents.  Why?  Because, they conditioned us to grunt.  As a baby, we would try to pull ourselves up, and our parents added sound effects.  You got it, they grunted for us.  You know this is true, even made you smile I bet.  Maybe, you are a little guilty too.  Those babies are just so darn cute that you have to provide them some help, so you grunt.  Those sound effects are rewards for the babies, so they learn to bring a smile to your face, while they grunt as you pull them up.  Even playing with dogs and puppies, we grunt or growl.

So, why does this irritate me?  Well, you never know if it is done by other adults for attention.  Grown men and women grunt everywhere, yes, even in the toilet.  Does it help them?  I don’t want to know or discuss that habit.  But, let’s say you just mowed the lawn, you come in to take a break, you grunt sitting down, you grunt drinking down your glass of water, you grunt as you go back to mowing.  Grunt, grunt, grunt.  It is one of those things, like raking your finger nails on the chalk board, that makes me want to scream!

So being the type of perfect person I am, I don’t ever want to be heard grunting.  Alas, I have failed.  Apparently I grunt, unbeknownst to me.  The husband knows how I feel about this flaw.  I have caught him looking at me with a superior look on his face, and I know right away what I am guilty of.  Sometimes, if I am not sure if I grunted, I’ll look around to see if anyone caught me.  It really, really, bothers me.  I don’t know if the reason is because it is not lady like, or if it shows weakness on my part.  So, if you are blessed to get to hear one of mine, I apologize.



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