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Celebration! 09/09/2015


It is rare that I can celebrate.  Really celebrate.  I have gone almost two complete days with unnoticeable discomfort.  Yes, there is some sting in the buttock region, but only if I think about it.  Why am I celebrating?  Such days are rare indeed, but they are out there.  Tarlov’ers or any chronic pain person really looks forward to these days.  We spend so many days wondering if we will have a good one, that when it happens it almost sneaks up on us.

How did I get this discomfort free day?  I have no idea, I haven’t taken any drugs.  I won’t complain, but, yep I’ll celebrate it!

On Friday I was so concerned about having landed on my rear.  Miss Grace here, had about 50 sheets of paper and was headed downstairs to the office.  I have no clue what happened, but down I was going.  Let me tell you all I could think about was: “I was not going to sort those papers again”.  So, my free hand (yes, I was holding on to the rail) went straight to the top of the pile.  I was lucky to have the forethought that sitting was my only option.  How I did not hit my back and how I only went two steps down is a wonder.  I will say that God was looking down at me in that moment and took care of everything.

Also, having company come in from out of state that evening was my excitement for the week.  I did manage to leave the house to meet them at a restaurant for dinner, but I was hurting so.  Since they are family, I left the walker in the car, but the loving son-in-law (who really loves me) had to draw attention to me and my husband had to hover around.  Some people.  To the couch I went with my drugs, after getting home.  Then the next day I tried house cleaning and that didn’t work so well.  On Sunday, my loving son-in-law and daughter cooked our meal.  I never go to someone’s house without helping out.  So I cooked some and took it over, wearing my n-said patch.  By that night I was on drugs, again.  Monday was fairly easy, in other words I did nothing.  Yesterday comes and I hit two stores for two things.  The home repair store was the worse, no employees to help out, so that took me over an hour.  The next store was a mega store that never has anything organized without you having to go completely across the store to look for at least one item on you list.  So another hour.  When I got home the only thing hurting (beside patience) was my legs.  Nothing major.  By bed time yesterday, I was doing fine and that is when I realized that I was not too bad off.  Now, it is dinner time and I have no ache.  So celebrate with me!

Tomorrow might be another story, but we won’t think about that.

For those that picked up on the “so many days wondering if…”  That is not all we think about, but it is a thought that is in the back of our minds.  It is almost a constant prayer that we don’t do anything that can cause our uncomfortable bodies to blow up.  It is not that we want to think about it, but we have to.  We need to be aware of everything we do, so we can monitor what causes discomfort.  If we were to constantly do things without a thought then we will pay within hours or minutes.  So if your sufferer has a good day celebrate with them.


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